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Monday, February 22, 2021

I hope everyone will have a nice Monday, the start to a nice week. 

This is the last week to vote in the Special Election prior to election day. If you want to vote early, it's too late to request a ballot be mailed to you. You may go to the Administration Building, 301 N Buxton, Indianola, during the hours the building is open. I know that they close at 4:30, so it would be best to go no later than 4:00. They will take your temperature when you enter the building. You'll need your ID to be given a ballot. If you have questions for the Auditor's Office, the # is 515-961-1020.

If you miss voting this week, you can still vote there on Monday, March 1. On Tuesday, March 2, the poll where everyone will vote is at American Legion, on 1st Street, directly across from the Post Office to the east.

Vote for the candidate you believe will be the best Mayor. I hope you will trust me to be that candidate. I'll keep you informed, pay attention to your concerns, I'll listen and direct your concerns to the right person. I'll do my best to respond directly to you, or will address issues here in this blog. There may be others with similar questions. Basically, I'll do my best to make myself available; in person, by phone, by email or blog.


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